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The Rustica Difference–Pocket Doors

Tuesday October 8th, 2019
Finding new ways to save space in your home is always a win. That’s why pocket doors are so popular. They slide right into your wall, giving you additional wall space and clearance. Adding a pocket door can be quite a task. This beneficial change can be a challenge, but Rustica makes the process well worth your while.

A Little Extra 

When the pocket door is closed, a little bit of the design on the pocket door remains in the door jamb. This can cause the pocket door to look uneven. To avoid this, Rustica gives customers the option to add an inch onto their pocket door. That extra inch remains in the door jamb when the pocket door is closed, making the pocket door look symmetrical. This option is very popular for our metal doors.


At Rustica, we give our customers the option to include the needed hardware with their pocket door. This simplifies the process. Instead of seeking out multiple sources, you can trust that Rustica will have everything you need for your pocket door. The hardware options include everything from a soft-close system to lock functions.


Not only does Rustica have multiple different styles of pocket doors to choose from, but each one can be customized to fit your needs. At Rustica, we try to make our pocket doors unique to each customer. A Rustica pocket door is made to be a piece of art in your home.

Pocket doors really are a great way to save space without sacrificing style. For your next home makeover, keep pocket doors in mind!

To learn more about how you can Change Your Space with pocket doors, visit our blog post.

If you have any questions about pocket doors or need any assistance with your home projects, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help!

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