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Do I need a Screen Door?

Thursday May 20th, 2021
What is a Screen Door?

A screen door is a door that’s installed over your front door for added protection against natural elements. Made from a variety of materials with interchangeable panels, screen doors are commonly used to ventilate the home. In the summer and spring months, your main door can be opened and your screen door will allow you to enjoy the warm sunny days without letting unwanted pests inside. During the colder months, your screen door will keep your main door and interior protected from rain, snow, and cold temperatures. Screen doors are typically designed with a slim frame and a transparent center panel allowing you to protect your door without hiding the beauty of it.

Do I Need a Screen Door?

If your front or back door is frequently exposed to harsh climates and intense weather conditions we recommend installing a screen door or storm door to protect it. Screen doors ensure the quality and lifetime of the door for years to come.

What's the Purpose of a Screen Door?

Screen doors serve a variety of purposes depending on the design and style of your front door. If your front door is solid and doesn’t feature any windows or glass a screen door allows you to open your front door and fill your home with natural sunlight or watch your kids or pets play out in the yard without letting bugs inside. Screen doors are also a great way to allow fresh air inside the home without having to worry about unwanted pests.

For colder climates that commonly see large amounts of rain and snow, a screen door will protect a wood front door from absorbing moisture and keep it from warping or swelling. For metal front doors, a screen door can aid in keeping the door from rusting. Screen doors are also great for cold temperatures, they create a pocket of insulation that keeps warm air inside and the cold air outside.

Screen Doors Applications

Front Doors

You’ve most likely seen or even entered a home with a screen door installed over the main entrance. The most common application for a screen door is, of course, the front door of the home. As we’ve mentioned a few times above, installing a screen door over your front door can be beneficial for the lifespan of your front door. Screen doors installed over the main entrance of the home can also increase the home's curb appeal and ensure a more welcoming entrance for visitors.

Dutch Doors

Screen doors are commonly applied over dutch doors for added protection and flexibility. Dutch doors are a dutch style front door that’s split in half allowing the top panel to swing independently from the bottom. Screen doors can be seamlessly applied over a dutch door allowing you to keep the top panel of your dutch door opened without worrying about bugs or unwanted pests getting inside. Enjoy the sunlight, fresh air, or even a rainstorm by opening the top panel of your dutch door. A screen door will handle the weather while you sit back and relax!

Back Doors

Back doors that open up to a patio or balcony can also benefit from screen doors. Especially during the warmer months, back doors become high traffic areas when hosting guests, barbequing, picnics, and enjoying the warm weather with family and friends. Screen doors allow you to open your back door and keep an eye on things from the inside while still maintaining your interior temperatures. Beautiful french doors that feature lots of glass and elegant grid patterns are common back door designs; reduce maintenance, ensure quality, and protect your beautiful back door with a screen door!

Side Doors

For some homeowners, side doors are the most frequently used door in the home! Whether your side door is attached to your garage or the side of your home, side doors are rarely found under an overhang or any sort of overhead protection. Protect your side door from natural elements and extreme climate conditions with a screen door!

How do You Install a Screen Door?

For tips on how to install a screen door click here!

How do You Maintain a Screen Door?

Screen doors are very easy to maintain with the proper supplies. Dirt and airborne contaminants can get trapped in the screen which will immediately attack the powder coating and cause it to come out of its installation. To avoid any corrosion and preserve the screen, clean your screen door regularly with soap and water. The location of your home will determine the amount of maintenance your screen door will require. Areas close to the coastline that are exposed to salty air pollutants will require a more frequent maintenance routine than more central areas. Once your screen door is installed, watch for dirt and grime build-up to determine how often you should clean your screen door.

Screen doors can be a very useful addition to your home and a great way to ensure the lifetime and quality of your front door. Screen doors not only increase the comfort of your home but also increase the flexibility of your front door by allowing you to open and close it worry-free.

Our Shoreline Screen Door is made with a wood frame allowing for the most peaceful and soft closure system. The nostalgic sound of a wood screen door closing will remind you of running in out of the house barefoot on a warm summer day. If you have any questions regarding our Shoreline Screen Door do not hesitate to ask, a member of our support team is happy to help you with any questions or concerns. Contact us at 800-891-8312.

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