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Barn Door Hardware Parts Guide–The Complete Sliding Door Rail Kit

Wednesday August 14th, 2019

Installing a barn door can seem confusing with so many unique names and hardware components to think through. Traditional swinging doors have been the main stay door choice for many years. Things are changing though and now it is more common to see barn doors, pocket doors, and metal barn doors in new homes as well as remodeled homes. Let's walk through the components that make up a barn door hardware system and learn how easy it really is to order barn door hardware.

Door Track System or Sliding Door Rails

The average interior door is 36" wide by 6' 8" tall. This width and height measurement matters for two reasons. The width of the rolling barn door will help us understand what flat track size we need to order. The barn door rail system is a 2" wide by 3/16" thick solid metal flat track which needs to be double the size of the opening width. If your barn door opening is 36" wide your sliding door track needs to be 72" or 6' long. This track comes with holes pre-drilled in it. The barn door lags go through these holes.

Door Header Board

Now that we know what size length our barn door rail needs to be we can determine if we need a header board. If you have pre-planned for a barn door and you have built solid blocking into your wall you do not need a sliding door header board. Typically you need a solid wood header for installing barn door hardware. The wood header installs directly to the wall and acts as solid blocking. The barn door track is installed directly to the header board which allows the barn door track holes to always "hit studs".

Barn Door Rollers

Now it is time to install your barn door wheels or door hanger straps. These are the beautiful metal door rollers for barn doors. They consist of a wheel with premium rolling door bearings in them, a metal strap that connects to the wheel and bolts that connect the rolling door hardware bracket to the sliding barn door. These barn door brackets can be ordered in many designer finishes. Oil rubbed bronze track hardware, stainless steel door hardware, and satin nickel barn door hardware are the top designer choices for barn door rollers.

Rustica's Patented Adjustable Wall Spacers

As the leader in the barn door industry, Rustica has invented the perfect solution for wall spacers or "standoffs". When installing a sliding barn door it is necessary to be able to manually adjust the space behind the track. This may be needed because of a light switch or painting hanging on the wall. With our patented spacers you can easily stand the track off the wall by adjusting your spacers. Where other companies sell space extenders at an additional charge, these come standard with all of our track sliding door kits.

Door Stops

Barn door tracks require a door stopper or stop guide at the ends of the rail to prevent the door from rolling off of the track. There are several styles of door stops to choose from. Soft stops, standard "L" brackets stops, round stops, and soft close mechanisms.

Floor Guides

Barn floor guides keep the door from swinging  back and forth when sliding along the rail. Rustica's adjustable u-channel and adjustable wall mounted door guide make installation easy. Choose a wall mounted door guide if you can't or don't want to install your door guide to your hardwood, tile, or stone floor and would prefer to install the guide to the wall. 

Anti-Jump Brackets

Anti-jump brackets, anti-jump pads, or anti-jump blocks are small disks or metal L-shaped brackets that are screwed into the top of the door or to the side of the door and prevent the door from coming off the track. The preference is mostly aesthetic. Although, we have tested the anti-jump blocks vs. the anti-jump brackets and the brackets perform better. 

To see Rustica's complete line of sliding barn door rails systems click here.

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