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Women Making History in Their Craft

Wednesday March 10th, 2021
In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to take a second to recognize some of the amazing women in the home design industry. From woodworking to interior design, female artisans dedicated to their craft are an inspiration to all.

Join us as we venture into the workspaces of four courageous women who have mastered their craft and continue to inspire others with their work.

Kate Allen - Founder of Rustica

We couldn't talk about inspiring women in the industry without highlighting the inspiring female co-founder of Rustica, Kate Allen. A mother of four and a drive for design, Kate continues to inspire women in the home design industry. Specializing in all things design, manufacturing, and business, Kate has been challenging her craft for over 16 years.

Being a business owner and a mother can get tricky, but Kate adores motherhood and everything that comes with having a family. We admire the authenticity and passion Kate brings to every project she's involved in. A successful business owner, a true inspiration, and a great role model to craftsmen and women everywhere.  

Kathryn Drake - @avaberrylane

Having always enjoyed decorating and design, Kathryn started hand crafting her own home decor right after marrying her high school sweetheart. After a few years of crafting several different decor pieces, Kathryn found her niche in the woodworking industry. “I had been dreaming it up for a long time, picturing it on our front porch entryway to add a personal touch and some rounded edges. I asked my husband for a jigsaw for Christmas, trolled Craigslist for free reclaimed wood and the first round was born!” - Kathryn

Kathryn now owns her own home decor business making beautiful rounds from reclaimed wood for anywhere in the home. We are continually inspired by Kathryn and how she's shaped the home design and woodworking industry. Click here to check out Kathryn's work!

Kacie - @the.woodworkers.daughter

"Growing up, I always remember our home being filled with the furniture my dad made: my loft bed, armoires, bookshelves, tables- anything! He has always been my biggest inspiration. With a garage full of tools and my dads brain to pick, he helped me build my first project in 2017 which was a mid century modern side table. Since then I’ve tinkered around in the shop figuring out how to make various things myself that I couldn’t afford to buy like shelves, a headboard, blanket ladders, plant stands, bath trays etc. I love doing anything with my hands and keeping busy so during the pandemic I started getting into more DIY projects that I could do from home without power tools.” - Kacie

Kacie is an incredible DIYer and if you follow her on Instagram you already know why! Crafting everything from tables to decorative ladders, Kacie brings a whole new level to the woodworking community. Kacie continues to inspire us by sharing her woodworking tips, tricks, and tutorials on her Instagram! Click here to check it out!

Kim Lewis - @kimlewisdesigns

A woman full of creativity, adventure, and inspiration. Kim Lewis is a passionate interior designer that not only loves to create meaningful spaces, but also loves the story behind them. Kim draws a lot of her inspiration from different locations she's visited and her experiences she had there.

Kim is making a huge impact on the interior design industry with her initiative to build Art Centers for children who’ve survived trafficking. Kim and her team have successfully built Art Centers in Ghana, Cambodia, Honduras and Thailand to empower children through creativity and give them a space to feel safe enough to create art. “Give me a pen/paper or a tablet and let me draw on the red dirt roads of a foreign country, for children that need to feel loved and supported - and I'M ALL IN. These projects are the pulse of my design firm.” - Kim

Click here to learn more about Kim!

We are so very grateful for all of our fellow craftswomen and the work they do every day to continue the growth of women in the home design industry. We welcome you, we support you, and we thank you.

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