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What’s in a Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit?

Thursday May 10th, 2018
We often get the question, "What is included with my barn door hardware kit purchase?"
Our barn door hardware kits come with everything needed to hang your barn door. The process is super easy and we guide you through the entire process step by step. Our barn door hardware kits DO NOT include the Barn Door.
What's Included in a Barn Door Hardware Kit

Here is a list of the items with their explanations:

  • (2) Barn Door Hangers - choose your style of hanger, your finish and your favorite wheel
  • (1) Hardware kit for attaching your barn door hangers to your door
  • (1) Barn Door Track - choose from tube track, flat track, retro track or box track
  • (4+) Barn Door Spacers - these are also referred to as stand offs. These spacers or standoffs space the door away from the wall and sit behind the track
  • (1) Hardware kit for securing the Barn Door Spacers into the wall
  • (1) Barn Door Guide - this guides the door along ensuring it doesn't hit the back wall or swing outward
  • (1) Hardware kit for the Barn Door Guide
  • (2) Barn Door Stoppers - these stop the door from rolling right off the ends of the track. One track stop goes on each end of the track
  • (1) Hardware kit for the Barn Door Stoppers
  • (2) Barn Door Anti-Jump Brackets - install these each by a hanger to prevent the door from rolling or jumping off the track
  • (1) Hardware kit for the anti-jump Brackets
  • (1) Instruction manual for detailed installation instructions
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