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6 Reasons You Should Add a Wall Mounted Desk to Your Office Space

Monday June 1st, 2020
Why would someone choose to purchase a wall mounted laptop desk over a traditional standing desk? After all, a standing table can be placed and transported throughout a home without the need for drills and screws or the confidence and knowledge needed to install a DIY floating desk. Though seemingly unnecessary at first glance, a modern floating desk and its storage compartments bring unmatched benefits to a home.

6 Reasons You Should Add a Wall Mounted Desk to Your Office Space

  1. Space-Saving Design
  2. Removes Visual Clutter
  3. Versatility
  4. Rustic and Modern Look 
  5. Customizable Mounting Height
  6. Simple Installation
Whether you’re looking to purchase or install a wall mounted table, floating computer desk, wall-mounted drop-leaf table, or fold down desk, Rustica has several beautiful options for you to consider as you renovate and rearrange your space. You’ll experience the many pros of this modern furniture within moments of taking the leap of opting for a small wall mounted desk, and soon you’ll be brainstorming more desk ideas that allow you to incorporate floating tables throughout your home. To begin, let’s take a look at the benefits of a mounted desk.

Space-Saving Design

A wall mount desk takes up less surface area for a number of reasons. First, a wall mounted floating desk generally doesn’t require legs for support, as it finds strength from wall beams. Rustica’s Top Level Mounted Desk and Promoter Wall Mounted Desk are both examples of a legless structure crafted from gorgeous sleek metal and solid wood material. The concise and space-conscious structure of both tables creates the ideal writing desk or laptop desk that can stand in a room without becoming an unwanted focal point.  

Sometimes a set of legs (or two sets) are installed for a visual appeal but really the bottom area of a floating wall desk can be left open for extra leg room or the potential to install compartments for storage space. If a homeowner does wish to leave this space open, many desks come with open shelves or closed cabinets that can likewise be installed as a wall mounted desk organizer to provide ample storage that doesn’t take up floor space or work surface.

Additionally, a specific type of wall-mounted desk, called a Murphy Desk, can be folded up into the wall when not in use. A wall mounted folding desk allows for that space to be used in other ways. This is ideal for small spaces where every space is a multi-use area. Many homeowners who live in tighter spaces or who have children who might be tempted to turn desk organization into disorganization prefer a wall mounted fold down desk over a stationary floating office desk. Office supplies and papers can stay tucked away in wall storage and out of hand’s reach.

Rustica also offers a different type of folding desk that doesn’t attach to the wall but can still be folded and stored away when not in use. Two different options for a standing desk include the Movement Desk Standing and the Endeavor Desk. Both are excellent options for a work desk or study desk in a small space where an owner cannot drill into walls or prefers not to. These desks are perfect for the one who likes to keep minimal items on their desk (laptop, keyboard tray, office supplies), creating an easy transition from in-use to in-storage. The Movement and the Endeavor are sold in three different metal finishes and four unique wood stains, with combinations that will look beautiful in any home.

Removes Visual Clutter

Let’s face it: traditional wooden desks are not only physically heavy but bring a lot of visual weight into a space. Sometimes it might feel that the small desk you purchased takes on a life of its own, commanding the attention of whoever walks into your home.  Instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, a floating wood desk provides a viable solution. A wall mounted computer desk or wall mounted desk hutch creates a much sleeker, more subtle effect. Its minimal surface area, legless structure, and fold-up design leaves room for a homeowner to use or preserve space as they desire. If you're done with work and want to turn an office space into another comfortable social area for guests, simply transform your desk into a serving table, displaying appetizers and drinks. Alternatively, fold up your desk into the wall to put your work out of sight and out of mind and free up more room for seating.


There are a few factors that make wall-mounted desks more versatile than any other desk or table option.  

Use: Wall-mounted desks can also be used throughout a home since their structure does not scream of the traditional, heavy wooden design most notably identified as an office desk. Today, most wall mounted desks have a more sleek and understated appeal and can serve as bedside tables in a bedroom, library shelves in a living room, or decor displays in a dining room or entryway. The ability to simultaneously transform and use this furniture as a desk space or work space when needed is one of its many unique benefits.

Dimension: Since wall mounted desks need to attach to walls, they can come in many shapes and sizes. While space is lost when placing a rectangular table as a corner desk, a wall mounted desk can be purchased in a triangular shape to serve nicely as a wall mounted corner desk without wasting valuable space. Wall desks can be rounded, oblong, stretching up walls and across ceilings—the options are endless. But if you can’t find the specific dimensions you need, it’s easy and fun to take on the task of a diy floating desk.

Modernized: Many wall mounted desks are tech savvy, featuring outlets and USB charging stations conveniently located on the desktop or shelving. This makes operating a computer, phone, lamp, and other electronics all at once much simpler. Floating desks that fold up also often feature a flat key lock that keeps your laptop and papers safely stored within.

Rustic and Modern Look

As floating desks have become more popular, designers have stepped up to the plate to create versions of this innovative furniture that fit with every type of decor. Though these desks started with a more modern, minimalist design, homeowners are able to easily find a wide selection of traditional, rustic, and contemporary floating desks. All of these styles still feature the same space-saving benefits. Rustica offers a wide range of decor options with stains and finishes customized to your vision.

Customizable Mounting Height

Generally, standing desks are sold at a specific height, usually 29 inches. This height might be good for the average person but could feel uncomfortable and awkward for the rest who don’t fall within average height. This is where a wall mounted desk really stands out from other options: the height of a floating table is not fixed! The wall-mounted desk can be set at any height so that you can customize its placement to best fit your needs.

Simple Installation

When faced with the task of installing a floating desk, a homeowner’s initial reaction might be to forgo the unknown in exchange for a traditional standing one. Before caving in and shopping for the traditional, know that installing a floating desk is extremely simple. What’s most important is to determine your desired height as well as the location of the beams in your walls. Once these two measurements are calculated, installation is simple and quick—a solitary project for a weekend afternoon. Alternatively, if you find that you don’t have the confidence to pursue the installation process, know that Rustica still offers several stationery standing desks, like the Standard Workstation. Our handcrafted standing desks still offer many benefits, the most important being quality craftsmanship and customization.

How to Mount a Floating Desk

Before beginning your floating desk mounting project, make sure you have all the necessary supplies in hand.
  • Stud Finder
  • Pencil 
  • Tape Measure
  • Level 
  • Drill Bit
  • Power Drill or Power Screwdriver
  • Screws (will arrive with purchased desk) 
Now that you know you have the supplies you will need, follow these six steps below:
  1. Measure, Measure, Measure: Most likely, you completed this step before ordering the desk, but you’ll need to once again make sure that your desk will fit in the designated area. Precisely measure exactly where you would like to place the desk. First, consider at what height you would like the floating desk to sit—most desks sit at 28-30 inches above the floor. It might be helpful to pull a chair up and make sure that you have enough leg space and that you can comfortably rest your hands where the surface of the desk will be. 
  2. Locate Studs: In order to create a stable mount that will securely fasten to the wall without ripping away paint and drywall, you’ll need to drill your desk’s brackets into your wall studs. Using a pencil, make a mark at the desired height of your desk surface, in the middle (width-wise) of each stud. Make sure your marks are level! Generally, studs fall 16-24 inches apart so use your measuring tape once you’ve determined how far apart your studs are. You can also continue to use your stud finder to make sure that your markings are accurate.  
  3. Drill Holes: Using your drill bit, drill holes through your walls into the stud where you have made your markings. You’ll want to let your drill move fully through the thickness of the stud to ensure that your screws easily enter. 
  4. Line Up Bracket Holes: Hold up your wall mounted desk brackets to where you drilled the holes in your studs and line up the bracket holes with each drill hole. Use a level again in this step to ensure accuracy in case you previously made an error. Mark additional bracket holes and drill more holes into your wall if needed.
  5. Hang Bracket: Keep your floating desk brackets over the screw holes and drill them into your wall to secure the wall mount. 
  6. Hang Desk: Now that your metal brackets are securely fastened, your wall can support the weight of the desk. Hang your desk on your brackets and push it firmly against the wall. It’s time to begin organizing your newly installed wall-mounted desk
  7. Shelf Brackets: If your desk comes with additional floating shelves, cubbies or drawers, you’ll need to also mark and drill the holes for your attachable shelving once the desk is hung. (Bonus: Adjustable shelves can be installed wherever you want, so have fun designing your ideal space!) If the shelving is attached to the floating wall desk, you’ll want to make additional drill holes for the shelves before mounting the desk. 

Installation Complete

You’re done! Your wall desk or fold down table is now officially wall mounted and ready to use. Enjoy its versatility and space-saving qualities, along with the fact that it looks absolutely fabulous as part of your home decor. No more bulky office desks that take up more space than needed! Your new wall mounted desk looks perfectly polished in your home and will be enjoyed for many purposes over the years to come.
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