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True Door Assembly Instructions

True Door Assembly Instructions & Video

Download Instructions PDF for this Door set are also available.

True Door Recommended Tools
  • Socket Wrench with 7/16" Socket
  • Drill with a Phillip’s bit and a 5/16” socket

True Door Parts
  • A1 L - Left Stile with groove
  • A1 R - Right Stile with groove
  • B1 - Left Inside Slat with 2 side tongues
  • B2 - Center Slats with 1 tongue and 1 groove
  • B3 - Right Inside Slat w/ 1 tongue and 1 groove
  • C1 - Top Overlay with screws
  • C2 - Bottom Overlay with screws
  • D1 - Top Rail
  • D2 - Bottom Rail
  • E - 6" Lag Bolts

NOTE: If you are installing a Floor Mount Door Guide, your door will have a mortise (a groove that runs along the bottom of your door). Make sure this mortise is facing down towards your floor and that you install the Door Hangers on the other end.

True Door Assembly Instructions & Video

NOTE: These instructions are specific to a particular door size and type. Adjustments may be needed on your part for changes in specifications and measurements, as well as door types that are different from these.

Slide Bottom Rail so the tongue inserts into the groove of the Side Stile.

The tongues on the bottoms of the Center Slats will fit into the groove of the Bottom Rail.

Slide each of the remaining Center Slats so the tongue of each slat nests inside the groove in the Slat next to it. Gently tap slats into place with a rubber mallet.

Slide the Top Rail so it’s side tongue slides into the groove of the Side Stile, and its groove slides over the top tongues of the Center Slats.

Slide the remaining Side Stile so the groove in it goes over the tongue the Center Slat next to it. Gently tap slats into place with a rubber mallet.

Insert the Lag Bolts into the Side Stiles’ pre-drilled holes. Tighten using a ratchet with a 7/16” socket.

Slide the Top and Bottom Overlays into place, aligning with the Door’s edges, top and bottom. Attach with Grabber Screws and a drill with a Phillips bit.

Congratulations on the assembly of your amazing Plantation Door. We are always here to help. If you have questions, please call us for assistance.

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