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The New Raw Unfinished Wood Option

Thursday July 9th, 2020

Yes, we’re giving you more options! We noticed that there was a need for raw unfished wood doors. Customers were looking for more than just an unfinished, paint/stain ready door.

Our unfinished option provides customers with a door that is ready to be stained or painted to match their home. The raw unfinished option features all the unique characteristics that come with wood. This option is a cheaper, more hands-on choice. It requires customers to sand and prep their door before painting or staining it.

Founder, Kate Allen explains what the difference is in the raw unfinished wood option:

“The raw unfinished option features many natural characteristics of wood which may include some minor checking, voids, cracks, tooling marks, machined edges, and corners, as well as hard knots and loose knots. These are all beautiful characteristics of the natural, raw wood and provide an organic rustic feel. These characteristics may produce areas of uneven, course and rough surfaces, voids, and racks.

When you order our finished ready door option; knots, voids, and cracks are filled with a wood filling compound. If you order the raw unfinished door you may choose to leave the voids, cracks, and knots unfilled or you will need to fill them with a wood filler compound of your choice. The finish ready option is also treated with a fine-grit orbital sanding process performed by hand by our craftsman. Each joint and edge is treated and hand-sanded to eliminate machined edges and to prepare the door for a final finish such as a coat of paint or stain.
If you order the raw unfinished option you will need to prepare your door for a paint or stain by hand sanding it on both sides and all around the edges with a fine-grit sandpaper. Typically a standard door can be prepared for a finish ready paint or stain in approximately 2-3 hours.”

While this option is cheaper, it does take more work and time. For an experienced DIYer, this will be a fun activity. If this is your first time working with wood, we suggest studying up on how to complete this project so that you can get the exact look you are going for! Choosing to get your door raw unfinished will speed up the lead time for your door.

We’re excited to see what you create with this new option! If you have any questions or need assistance, give our service team a call. They are eager to help in any way they can!

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