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Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware for Clean and Traditional Designs

Wednesday January 4th, 2023
Beauty is in the details. If you’ve ever visited a castle in Europe, you may have noticed the artistic designs covering every inch of the structure. While modern and traditional home design can’t compare to the majesty of a French chateau, you can still incorporate this beautiful concept into the style of your home. One way is by adding subtle and intricately elegant stainless steel barn door hardware to your modern barn door.

Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware

  1. Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware
  2. Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware
  3. Orion Barn Door Hardware
  4. Apex Barn Door Hardware
  5. Helix Barn Door Hardware
  6. Huxley Barn Door Hardware
  7. Helio Barn Door Hardware
  8. Modern Spoked Wheel Barn Door Hardware
Think of barn door hardware as the final touch that pull the entire barn door design together. While it may not be the first thing people notice when viewing your beautiful sliding barn door, stainless steel barn door hardware is what completes the clean, polished look. In this way, choosing the perfect barn door hardware is essential to creating your dream barn door.

Customizing Your Barn Door Hardware: Stainless Steel Vs Satin Chrome

When looking at satin chrome and stainless steel, you may be wondering what makes these seemingly similar metals different from each other. It’s important to understand the differences, not only for functional purposes but also for aesthetic reasons.

Stainless steel is made by combining nickel and chromium. The process of combining metals to make another is called “alloy.” In this way, stainless steel is a metal alloy consisting of mostly nickel, and chromium (at least 10.5%) that is added to make it more durable. Because stainless steel is a strong metal that is corrosion and scratch-resistant, it’s the ideal choice for sliding barn door hardware.

Satin Chrome is not an alloy, and consists of a chromium metal core with a chromium plating. Chrome is short for chromium and refers to the electroplated layer of chromium covering the metal core (referred to as plating). This plating increases its aesthetic appeal, and makes it more resistant to corrosion. Satin chrome is a much lighter metal, making it less durable but more desireable for decorative purposes.

Although they look quite similar, they are different in that satin chrome is much shinier than stainless steel, which has a more brushed appearance. If you want your barn door hardware to really “pop,” then you’ll want to go with satin chrome. Stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing as well, but is more subtle in appearance.

We recommend stainless steel barn door hardware for its strength and durability, especially if the rolling barn door will be getting a lot of heavy use.

Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware for Clean and Modern Designs

Artisan Hardware offers many barn door tracks and hangers that come in a beautiful stainless steel finish, including:

1. Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware

You can’t go wrong with the Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware, as it’s our staple product that defines the standards we set. These standards are elegant and stylish designs combined with high-quality efficiency and load-bearing capabilities.

With this sliding door hardware kit, you can achieve a clean look that is incredibly easy to use. \With the metal strap descending from the track to the door, you’ll have a design that stands out in its refined appearance. This makes it the perfect stainless steel hardware for any door and any style, whether you’re going for a minimalist look or a more modern design.

When you choose the Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware, you’ll receive a hardware kit that includes everything necessary for installation, such as straps, wheels, and custom track length.  

2. Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware

If you want sliding barn door hardware that is more subtle in appearance, yet still makes a statement, you’ll want to consider Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware. This hardware product differs from the others in that it doesn’t have a strap attached to the door. This creates a clean and finished look for classic or transitional style homes. Plus, the stainless steel finish enhances its classic and modern aesthetic by creating a sleek design.

While the exclusion of straps gives this hardware kit a lower weight capacity, Rustica's manufacturing team has ensured that the top mounts function flawlessly for a smooth pull. Plus, this hardware kit allows for the lowest clearance necessary above the door—just over five inches.  

Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware is the perfect stainless steel hardware for tight openings with a single door, such as a shower door or pantry door. This door hardware kit is also ideal for an interior single sliding door.

3. Orion Barn Door Hardware

The Orion Barn Door Hardware is a unique and beautiful design consisting of a metal strap with artistic horizontal slits. These perfectly spaced slits allow the wood door to show through the stainless steel hardware. The wheel that sits atop the strap is made from three-inch stainless steel. This creates a truly distinctive look that would be the perfect addition to any modern home.

If you want this design to have even more character, you can make it stand out with gold barn door hardware. This will create a lasting impression for anyone that views your sliding door.
The Orion Barn Door Hardware is a great choice if you want to design a home with a clean and modern look. The barn door track length is customizable, and comes with pre-drilled holes. This stainless steel hardware can hold a 300 lb door, making it the perfect support for an interior door that leads into a bedroom or master bathroom.  

4. Apex Barn Door Hardware

If the words sleek and modern come to mind when thinking about stainless steel hardware for your sliding barn door, then you’ll want to check out our Apex Barn Door Hardware. The shine and appeal of the stainless steel barn door hardware stand out with its rounded strap. The subtle details of the unique bolts used on the strap complete the look; giving it a clean and modern appearance.

This simple, yet elegant design would look perfect on any of Rustica’s sliding barn doors, including the Modern Glass Barn Door or the Diamond Barn Door. The Apex Barn Door Hardware style works well in any modern interior design style, such as minimalist or classic.

Each hardware kit can be customized to accommodate any door thickness, and our craftsman-designed wheel, complete with a bearing, makes the door pull unbelievably smooth and quiet.  

5. Helix Barn Door Hardware

One of the beautiful aspects of stainless steel hardware is its ability to stand out against its background. This is what makes the stainless steel finish in the Helix Barn Door Hardware perfect for any sliding barn door you choose.

The Helix Barn Door Hardware is intricately designed with sharp angles and a small single vertical space on the square strap. The middle space features a minimalistic cutout, allowing the textures and finish of the barn door to shine through. This unique touch would look great against dark-colored wood doors or a classic blue sliding barn door.

When choosing this stainless steel barn door hardware, you’ll receive two bearing wheels and barn door hangers, along with all the necessary materials in your hardware kit. As with all our barn door hardware, our high-quality wheels and track produce an effortless pull, so opening or closing your sliding barn door is incredibly easy.

6. Huxley Barn Door Hardware

The Huxley Barn Door Hardware is a great example of a clean and traditional style. The shine of the stainless steel adds a modern touch that looks great with almost any design style, whether its minimalist, classic, or transitional.

The mounting hardware design consists of a single rectangle strap with sharp angles and unassuming bolts. This unique and specially made design can hold up to 700 lbs, making it the perfect hardware for heavy doors, such as a large glass door, solid wood double doors, or an exterior door. The spacers, barn door track, and hangers are craftsmen designed to create a smooth and easy door pull, no matter the weight of the sliding barn door.

If you’re going for a clean and simple look that still embodies elegance and refinement, then the Huxley Barn Door Hardware may be for you. Consider adding a door handle, door locks, other hardware accessories to complete the final look.

7. Helio Barn Door Hardware

This mounting hardware design offers a clean and modern look with a unique twist. The Helio Barn Door Hardware consists of a two-inch wide rounded strap, with a vertical space running along the edge. Much like Helix Barn Door Hardware, this design allows for the colors and textures of the door to shine through the small gap.

This design would be perfect for anyone looking for barn door stainless steel hardware that has a clean and modern look with a flare of character. Choose this unique hardware for kitchen barn doors, glass doors, or any wood barn door of your choosing.

The Helio Barn Door Hardware can hold up to 500 lbs and is made from 3/16” stainless steel. The wheel is three-inches wide with its own bearing, and fits the track perfectly to create an effortless and graceful door pull.

8. Modern Spoked Wheel Barn Door Hardware

The Modern Spoked Wheel Barn Door Hardware offers a perfect mix of rustic and modern designs. This unique combination makes it an ideal fit for classic, traditional, or transitional style homes. The hardware design is a slender strap with a row of appealing bolts topped with a distinctive spoked wheel.

Finished with stainless steel, this sliding barn door hardware is sure to stand out in elegance and refinement. Add this hardware to rustic or traditional style doors, such as the Aspen Barn Door or Traditional Glass Barn Door.

Choosing The Perfect Stainless Steel Hardware for Clean and Modern Designs

Adding stainless steel hardware to your modern sliding barn door is a great way to finalize and refine your style. Remember, it’s the little details that can truly pull your design together, and mounting hardware is no exception.

Rustica is the perfect place to find your dream sliding barn door, along with all the accessories you’ll need for a proper installment. No matter the stainless steel hardware you choose, you’ll receive a complete barn door hardware kit with detailed installation instructions. This hardware kit includes straps and wheels, track at the length ordered, spacers and lag bolts, stops, and all the nuts and bolts needed to attach the hardware to the doorway.

Click any of the links above to check out our offering of stainless steel hardware for modern and clean designs. Each product page will tell you everything you need to know in regards to style and installation, including the technical specification of materials and necessary door accessories. And if you still have questions, the Rustica design team is just a quick phone call away!   
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