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Soft Close System Assembly Instructions

Download Instructions PDF for this Hardware set are also available.

Soft Close System Recommended Tools
  • Drill with 1/8” Drill Bit and Phillips Screw Bit
  • Socket Wrench with 9/16” Socket

Soft Close System Parts
  • 2 Soft Close Mechanisms
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 4 Pan Head Screw
  • 4 Phillips Screw
  • 2 Stop Tab

Soft Close System Installation Instructions

Step 1: Attach the Soft Close Mechanism (A) to The Mounting bracket (B) using two pan head screws (C) (Figure 1). Set aside.

Soft Close System Fig 1

Step 2: Remove the last two lag screws, washers, and hard stop from the track (Figure 2).

Soft Close System Fig 2

Step 3: Reduce the length of last two spacers by rotating clockwise about two turns (Figure 3).

Soft Close System Fig 3

Step 4: Place the soft close mounting bracket and mechanism against the back of the track with the soft close mechanism facing the wall (Figure 4).

Soft Close System Fig 4

Step 5: Reinstall the lag screws, washers and hard stop (Figure 5).

Soft Close System Fig 5

Step 6: Slide the door to the closed position.

Step 7: Align the stop tab on the top edge of the door to interact with the soft close mechanism (Figure 6).

Soft Close System Fig 6

Suggestion: Use double stick tape to hold the tab in place when making adjustments and installing.

Step 8: Install the tab on the door using the two phillips head screws (provided) (Figure 6).

Step 9: Repeat steps 1 through 8 for the opposite side of the track.

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