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Practicing Green Initiatives to Preserve Our Earth

Wednesday March 17th, 2021
We are continually drawing inspiration from the environment around us. From the beauty of spending a day on the lake to a night spent sleeping under the stars. Everything we create is a tribute to the natural beauty of our Earth. That being said, we take practicing green initiatives very seriously here at Rustica. Here are a few things we do as a manufacturing company to eliminate waste and sustain green initiatives.

Resell & Recycle

As a manufacturing company, we are constantly creating functional art from raw pieces of metal and wood resulting in heaps of material scraps. What can you do with material scraps? RECYCLE! We recycle and resell ALL of our metal scraps. We pride ourselves in the raw, high quality materials we use to make each product, not only because they make beautiful products, but also because we can recycle, resell, and repurpose them.


It’s incredible to be part of an industry where we can continue to create and repurpose byproduct that comes from our manufacturing facility. We are constantly repurposing metal scraps into home decor pieces, wall coverings, and even doors. Our Salvaged Scrap Metal Barn Door and our Mountain Scrap Barn Door are made entirely from pieces of scrap metal. The dents, scratches, and worn appearance of scrap metal, makes a gorgeous metal door that can quickly add character and charm to your home. No two pieces of metal are exactly the same, making each scrap metal door we build a one-of-a-kind piece.

Manufacturing with wood is also a huge part of our company, so being able to repurpose all off cut lumber and sawdust is something we are very proud of. We offer the sawdust we accumulate in our facility to local dairies and livestock owners to use as bedding for their animals. Being livestock owners ourselves, we’ve learned sawdust is a much more hygienic bedding material than straw due to its ability to absorb moisture and odor. Offering our byproducts locally has not only provided a great use for the large quantities of sawdust we accumulate, but it has also connected us with the community and opened our eyes to the amazing people that surround us and the initiatives they are taking to preserve our planet.

Eliminating Paper Usage

Most products these days come with setup and use instructions, especially furniture type items. To cut back on paper usage we offer digital instructions with each door we ship out. We also offer a variety of informative videos and online tools to help our customers install their new doors properly.
The green initiatives we take to practice sustainability and manage the amount of waste we create is something you can do too! Look for ways to repurpose scrap materials or donate materials you can’t use. Recycle always (even if it costs a little extra or takes you a few extra minutes) and keep our beautiful earth in your thoughts and decisions when shopping.

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