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8 Stylish Panel Barn Doors to Add a Classic Touch

Wednesday January 4th, 2023
When it comes to choosing the perfect barn door for your home—be it for interior barn doors or exterior barn doors—you have many options to choose from. And whether you’re building a home from scratch or updating your current look and feel, the right barn door can add a sense of incredible style and craftsmanship to your home.

One extremely popular option for modern barn doors is the panel barn door. Depending on your interior design taste, you can find a panel door to perfectly augment your existing decor or to pop against your current interior design landscape. Panel barn doors often are more affordable than their flush counterparts, while also giving you more design flair for your buck, featuring multiple styles and designs.

8 Stylish Panel Barn Doors

  1. Classic Two Panel Barn Door
  2. Two Panel Craftsman Glass Barn Door
  3. Three Panel Barn Door
  4. Five Panel Barn Door
  5. Midcentury Five Panel Glass Barn Door
  6. Midcentury Three Panel Glass Barn Door
  7. Craftsman Horizontal Barn Door
  8. French Panel Barn Door
A panel door is exactly what it sounds like—instead of one solid barn door slab, a panel door is broken up by several different panels. This is a very popular interior barn door style because offers visual interest to an interior design.

You can find panel barn doors constructed in a wide variety of configurations; from simple two panel barn doors to elaborate panel doors constructed from six or more separate panels. The panels can feature the same material as the barn door, or they can be composed of contrasting materials, with glass being a popular choice. Panel barn doors make for creative entryways, and can be used as single doors or as a double barn doors.

Panel barn doors are constructed from vertical panels of wood, called stiles, and horizontal panels, called rails. For this reason you also may hear a panel barn door called a stile and rail door. Junctions of stiles and rails create panels, and the total number of stiles and rails used in the barn door’s construction determines how many panels the barn door will ultimately feature.

What’s the Difference Between a Panel Door and a Flush Door?

Flush doors are the counterparts to panel doors. Flush doors are constructed from one continuous piece of material, be that solid wood or another barn door slab material like metal. Unlike a panel barn door, a flush barn door is completely flat on both sides.

Panel barn doors are extremely popular in residential homes. They are strong and durable, while also offering a level of visual interest that flush door can’t typically compete with. Many home owners find the panel barn door an elegant and refined as a choice for interior doors, while their strength makes these doors excellent candidates for exterior sliding doors as well. In addition, the panel construction allows for mixed materials, and if a homeowner chooses glass panels, that allows the barn door to let light pass into or through the home. 

8 Stylish Panel Barn Doors

Rustica offers many stylish panel barn doors that can take your home’s interior design to the next level. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Classic Two Panel Barn Door

The Classic Two Panel Sliding Barn Door offers a clean and simple look that features two door panels and a modern, yet versatile, aesthetic that can feel at home in many different types of interior design schemes. In fact, the two panel sliding barn door may be the most universal option of all sliding barn doors, adapting to and augmenting a wide variety of styles and tastes.

Its clean finish and lack of ornamentation means it can blend in or stand out as you choose, all while remaining a functional and durable element of your overall interior design. This particular sliding door is manufactured with mortise and tenon joinery, and engineered with alder rails and stiles to ensure many years of effective use within your home. You can customize your two panel sliding barn door to meet your design taste, with wood finishes ranging from raw and unfinished to walnut, barn gray, mahogany and many more.

This sliding door also is compatible with the full range of our artisan sliding barn door hardware to lend a unique interior design touch.

2. Two Panel Craftsman Glass Barn Door

The Two Panel Craftsman Glass Barn Door combines the best of both worlds—the familiar craftsmanship of the two-panel craftsman door, plus the additional feature of glass panels that allow light to permeate throughout the space.

This stylish sliding barn door makes a beautiful transition into a master bedroom, a dining area, home office or study. It’s also nice for pantry doors or laundry doors. With finishes spanning stripped white, raw and unfinished, seaside blue, dark walnut, and more—plus glass choices that range from clear to vintage, frosted or retro, you can design the two panel craftsman glass barn door to perfectly meet the design needs of your home. You can even choose to outfit the glass panels with a barn door mirror.

Just add your favorite artisan barn door hardware kit, and you’ll have a unique sliding door that’s both sophisticated and functional.

3. Three Panel Barn Door

The Three Panel Barn Door lends a distinctly craftsman feel to any room, especially when combined with a more rustic wood finish. With a solid wood core, this sliding barn door features a standard frame and classic craftsman three panel design.

Craftsman is a very popular door style for interior doors, and we think you’ll find that this sliding barn door will feel right at home in just about any type of interior design aesthetic. Its simplicity and clean lines blend well with the most modern and the most traditional of styles. You can customize this three panel sliding barn door with a wide variety of wood finishes and sliding barn door hardware styles to make it uniquely your own. Whether used as a bedroom door, study or office door, closet doors or to lend privacy to master bedroom or dining room, we’re confident that the three panel sliding barn door will be an artistic and functional piece you’ll love for years to come.

When paired with any of Rustica’s standard barn door hardware kits, you’ll take its style from wow to exceptional.

4. Five Panel Barn Door

The Five Panel Barn Door represents a classic look that blends into any design scheme by adding both texture and style. As the name suggests, this particular door features five individual barn door panels.

You might also see this style of door referred to as shaker style, especially when each of the five inset panels is made of wood. For this door, you can customize both the finish and style to create an almost unlimited combination of looks to match any home decor. Just add your favorite sliding barn door hardware; the five panel barn door is compatible with all Rustica barn door hardware sets, which can be handcrafted to your exact door specifications.

5. Midcentury Five Panel Glass Barn Door

The Midcentury Five Panel Glass Barn Door’s fresh combination of natural wood and sleek glass makes for a unique focal point within the home. With this modern barn door, you can make the finished product a true piece of art by customizing the wood door finish and glass inset panels.

Whether used as an interior or exterior sliding barn door, this model allows natural light to permeate a room, opening the space and providing a welcoming feel to all. And with glass choices ranging from clear to frosted or vintage, you can customize the privacy levels of to meet the room’s needs.

6. Midcentury Three Panel Glass Barn Door

If you’re a fan of midcentury style, with its focus on geometric shapes and minimal ornamentation, you’ll love the clean and simple look of our Midcentury Three Panel Glass Barn Door.
This sliding barn door’s three offset glass panels lend a sense of whimsy and flair within a minimalist and clean presentation. This particular sliding barn door is often chosen as the entry to a study, dining room or office, though it certainly can be used anywhere within the home. You can customize the door finish and the barn door panel’s glass as well.  

This sliding barn door model is compatible with all Rustica barn door track hardware options, allowing you to customize this doors function and style from top to bottom.

7. Craftsman Horizontal Barn Door

Our Craftsman Horizontal Barn Door offers a modern spin on what is typically considered a traditional interior design approach. Featuring clean lines and the wood finish of your choice, the craftsman horizontal barn door boasts a traditional standard frame along with a solid core horizontal paneled center. Its raised edges are routed with perfection to guide the eye inward from the frame to the center of the door, making it perfect as a single sliding barn door or as double sliding barn doors.

The craftsman style remains a wildly popular option that is perfect for any remodel, build, or renovation. Our wood barn door finish options range from ebony and Jacobean to white glazed and raw unfinished, allowing this door to perfectly blend with existing finishes or make a stand-out statement of its own.

As always, this door also can be paired with any Rustica door kit to create a unique and functional piece of art for your home.

8. French Panel Barn Door

With its sleek and contemporary design, our French Panel Barn Door makes an arresting addition to just about any space. Often used to separate studies, dining rooms, offices, or bedrooms, glass barn doors allow you to make the most of your home’s natural light while offering a design aesthetic that is clean and simple; wasting no space and providing a quiet and calm appeal.

You can fully customize your choice of glass for each panel to determine how much light you’d like to let in versus how much privacy you need to maintain for its particular area of use. You can also customize the metal of this modern barn door—we offer finishes ranging from black, red, or white to bronze or raw steel.

This sliding barn door also is complementary with our full range of Rustica hardware, allowing you to create a door fit for any Parisian chic interior.  

Panel Barn Doors Are Always a Classic

The sliding barn door remains an intensely popular design choice for many homes, and the paneled door offers an opportunity to add an extra layer of style and elegance. No matter your personal style or interior design taste, we’re confident you can find the right combination of door finish, panel insert, or glass finish with chic, fashionable door hardware to make your sliding barn door uniquely yours.

We hope you’ll visit to shop custom barn doors. Don’t put this project off any longer—start designing the sliding paneled barn door of your dreams today!
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