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How to Install a Barn Door Floor Guide

Monday June 25th, 2018

Keep Your Door On-Track and Your Style In-Check

Picture it: You’ve recently installed your sliding barn door and it looks fantastic. It not only brings together your room’s décor scheme, but it’s also prominent enough to be an attractive focal point. You love it. Your guests love it. It’s perfect and you couldn’t be happier. Right?

Maybe not. But why?

Well, if you haven’t already experienced this issue, you probably will soon: When you attempt to slide your barn door shut, it SMACKS against the wall! 

So, how do you keep your barn door from hitting the wall? Most sliding barn doors only have a track guide at the top. While this may not sound like a problem, it can cause your door to sway awkwardly when slid shut causing that wall-smacking annoyance. 

Even worse, it could be creating torqued pressure on the top sliding guide that could cause bigger problems over time. 

That’s where installing a barn door floor guide can make all the difference. Here are the easy steps to show you how to install a bottom guide yourself.

Step 1: Know where to place the barn door floor guide

Since the bottom of your barn door simply hangs freely off the ground, it’s best to place the guide right in the middle of the doorway, so that the door is held (or anchored) in place at all times when you open or close it. Your bottom barn door guide should sit right around the edge of the door and its opening.

Step 2: Figure out roller width

After you’ve found your sliding door’s center spot, you’ll need to figure out the appropriate width of your barn door so that it can fit between the floor guide’s rollers. It’s an easy step that requires you to measure the thickness of your barn door and adjust your rollers to be slightly larger than the measurement. With this in mind, your barn door can easily slide through.

Step 3: Wall installation

Once you’ve pinned down the center and the roller width, grab a screwdriver or drill and screw the barn door hardware bottom guide unit into the center spot on the wall. Again, this should be right around where the edge of the door and the opening of the doorway meet.

Step 4: Ensure the right fit

Your last step is a fail-proof step that makes sure you’ve got enough clearance between your floor guide and the bottom of your sliding barn door. If you’ve got a door that hangs low to the ground, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough room for the guide to fit under it. Conversely, if you’ve got a barn door that rests relatively high off the floor, you may want to put something under the floor guide to raise it up and allow for a nice, level slide. 

There you have it: how to install a barn door floor guide! Now that you don’t have to worry about swaying barn doors, you can enjoy a barn door that glides and slides with the greatest of ease — and looks good doing so! 

Looking for more home improvement projects? Check out more of our sliding barn door tips, tricks and tidbits — such as how to install a barn door or how to repurpose a barn door as a headboard for your bed.

Happy DIY-ing!

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