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How to Install a Barn Door Floor Guide

Monday June 25th, 2018
A barn door works well in several spots in the home where you might want a sliding door, rather than a traditional door that swings open and shut. Many homeowners select a barn door for a closet door, patio door, or divider for large spaces. Still, barn doors do have one downfall, and that’s their tendency to sway back and forth on the track when opened or shut. A barn door floor guide prevents the sliding door from swinging to keep it moving in a straight, smooth line.

How to Install a Barn Door Floor Guide

  • Choose the Right Kind of Barn Door Floor Guide
  • Gather Supplies
  • Grab a Partner
  • Determine Placement
  • Determine Width
  • Measure and Install the Barn Door Floor Guide
  • Test the Installation
Barn doors look incredible in the home. With several styles and finishes to match just about any interior decor theme, the barn door can blend rustic and modern with ease. Installing a sliding barn door is also easier than you might think, allowing homeowners to add a brand-new door themselves without hiring help.

If you do plan to add a barn door system to your home, you might want to consider getting a barn door floor guide to allow the door to roll along its track without wobbling. Several types of floor guides are available to function and look as you need them to, all while offering a smooth barn door operation.

What Does a Barn Door Floor Guide Do?

Think about the sliding door you have covering your bedroom closet. Many sliding doors like these have a floor guide that's part of the door hardware system. The floor guide is installed on the floor to prevent the door from swinging in or out or wobbling as it moves along the track, which is installed at the top of the door.

A barn door floor guide is the same idea. Floor guides usually always come with a barn door hardware kit, making them frequently overlooked but no less important to the function of a barn door. Installing a barn door floor guide allows the door to slide open and shut without the leeway of movement that can cause a wobble or swing as it slides.

The good news is that a barn door floor guide doesn't take up any extra space by the door or interfere with your walking area. You'll install the guide mounted to the floor or wall, depending on the type of floor guide. The guide never sits out in the middle of the walkway to create a walking hazard, and most of the time, you'll never even notice the floor guide is there.

Barn doors are often large and heavy, so they could wind up with lots of movement when they're opened and closed. You can protect your investment and prevent unwanted wobbling and swinging that could damage your door by ordering a barn door floor guide when you order your barn door kit from Rustica.

How to Install a Barn Door Floor Guide

A barn door floor guide is similar to what you'd see guiding a metal door or closet door to prevent swaying and swinging. These guides are easier to install than you might think. Follow these steps to find the right barn door floor guide for your needs and install it.

1. Choose the Right Kind of Barn Door Floor Guide

First, let's talk about the different types of barn door floor guides available, as each one looks and functions a bit differently even though they have the same purpose. The two main types of barn door floor guides are those that attach to the floor and those that attach to the wall behind the door. You need to choose one or the other, depending on where you've installed your door.

Different barn door floor guides fit within each of those categories. Most common is the standard floor-mounted barn door floor guide. This one is L-shaped, with one side of the L mounting to the floor and the other side facing upward to act as the guide. The side facing up helps prevent the door from swinging toward that side.

There's also the U-shaped floor-mounted channel, which uses two standard floor-mounted guides rather than one. The L-shaped guides face opposite directions to create a channel that the door slides through. This type of guide prevents the door from swinging or wobbling in either direction.

A floor-mounted roller is a unique type of guide that mounts to the floor but sticks up in the middle with a rolling wheel on top. The wheel goes into a groove on the door to allow smooth rolling without wobbling.

Finally, wall-mounted barn door floor guides are good options for spaces where a wall mount might make more sense than a floor mount. You might choose this option if you have hardwood floors that you don't want to drill into, for example. A standard wall-mounted floor guide mounts directly to the wall and has an L-shaped design similar to the standard floor-mounted guide. The L-shape cradles the door to prevent movement.

There are also adjustable wall-mounted floor guides that slide out or in to accommodate various door thicknesses. This type of barn door guide can be helpful for spaces where you might eventually change a door but don't want to change pieces of the barn door hardware kit too.

2. Gather Supplies

Now that you've chosen your door guide and are ready to install it, you should take a few minutes to gather all the supplies you'll need. First, make sure everything you need for the door guide hardware kit has been included, like screws and the pieces of the guide. The instructions should tell you everything your kit should have so that you can compare.

You'll also need a drill with a drill bit and a screwdriver. A measuring tape and pencil can also come in handy to ensure the proper placement of your door guide. Keep the instructions handy, and spend some time reading through them before getting started to familiarize yourself with the installation process.

3. Grab a Partner

One of your most important supplies will actually be a helper that you can use to assist you with installing the sliding barn door floor guide. Although they aren't as complicated as other barn door hardware—like the track kit—to install, a floor guide for a barn door can still be installed much easier with help.

Your partner can be a second set of eyes for measurements, hand you tools as needed, and check that the placement of the barn door floor guide looks correct before installation.

4. Determine Placement

The placement of your barn door floor guide ultimately depends on your door thickness and how it tends to swing or wobble. You'll also want to consider your door's size and how far it slides down the door track and away from the door opening. It's important not to have the floor guide sitting out in the middle of the door opening, as it could become a tripping hazard for those walking through the door.

The best placement for your barn door floor guide is as close to the wall as possible so that it's out of the way. It should also be in a location that's going to prevent the door from wobbling or swinging, no matter where it is on the door track. Have your helper slide the wooden door open and shut while you test out the floor guide in a few different spots to decide where to install it.

5. Determine Width

Because many barn door floor guides are adjustable, they make it easy to modify their widths to accommodate your door perfectly. At this point, you'll need to measure the door thickness to decide how wide you need the floor guide to be.

First, determine where the door's natural center spot is on your floor. This is where you'll want the center of the floor guide to go, so mark that spot on the floor. Then, measure the door thickness. The width of the barn door floor guide should be slightly wider than the thickness of the door. Mark where each end of the sliding door floor guide will go based on your measurements.

6. Measure and Install the Barn Door Floor Guide

With your width and placement marked on the floor, you can now install your barn door floor guide using the screws that came in your kit. First, line up the floor guide where you'll install it on the floor. Then, mark where the holes are and use your drill to make starter holes. Finally, you can install the screws to attach the floor guide to the floor.
Wall-mounted floor guides are installed similarly, only you'll be installing it on the wall instead of the floor.

7. Test the Installation

Your last step is testing the installation. Both you and your helper can take turns sliding the barn door back and forth to make sure it's moving smoothly along the track, with the floor guide in place. Look for any swinging back and forth as the door moves in either direction.

Also, pay attention to any lags in the door's ability to slide. This indicates that the placement of the floor guide may not be correct and that the door guide could be interfering with its movement.

Install a Barn Door Floor Guide for Smooth Operation

If you need a barn door floor guide for your barn doors, look no further than Rustica. We carry quality floor guides to use with a variety of barn doors for less than $20. Whether you need to keep a sliding patio door, pocket door, glass door, or rustic wardrobe door on its track, you can find what you need with our barn door floor guides.

We offer both standard and adjustable floor guides, making it simple to find one that will accommodate your door's size and thickness. Our adjustable guides are suitable for doors as thick as two and a half inches. You can also install them in a way that creates a narrow channel for doors thinner than one and three-quarters inches. Choose from various timeless finishes, including raw steel, black, and stainless steel, or add a pop of color with red, brushed copper, or white finishes.

Our barn door floor guide sets come with simple installation instructions to install the floor guide in minutes and ensure that it works perfectly with your door panel. If you have any questions, Rustica is with you every step of the way. We provide our instructions online, just in case you misplace yours. We also offer customer support by phone or email if you have any questions.
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