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How to Install a Dutch door, exterior Dutch Doors, Double Dutch Doors + FAQs on Dutch Doors

Wednesday May 1st, 2019

1–Can you build a double Dutch door?

Yes. When you go to any Dutch door product page you can select the "Single Door" or "Double Door" option.

2–What is the lead time on Dutch doors?

Current lead times for Dutch doors are 3–4 weeks.

3–How thick are the Dutch doors?

Interior metal framed Dutch doors are 1 1/2" thick.
Exterior metal framed Dutch doors are 2" thick.
Interior & exterior wood framed Dutch doors are 1 3/4" thick–EXCEPT for EXTERIOR doors that are larger than 42" wide which are built at 2 1/4" thick.

4–How will the screen latch?

With a small screen latch mechanism.

5–Can my Dutch door swing either in or out? 

Yes. Please specify if it is an "outswing Dutch door". The default will always be "inswing Dutch door" unless you specify you need an outswing which is more rare.

6–How is my metal Dutch door weather-sealed for exterior applications? 

If you order an EXTERIOR METAL DUTCH DOOR, your Dutch door will come with a horizontal T-Astragal that is affixed to the bottom inside of the top door and that will be weatherstripped as well as all of the standard weatherstripping which allows the bottom door to be free of any obstruction in case you would like to add a shelf. If you order an EXTERIOR WOOD DUTCH DOOR, your Dutch door will come with a rabbet function which holds the weatherstrip. This rabbet allows for an excellent seal between the two doors. There are two reasons that we use a rabbet on the wood doors and the astragal on the metal. The first reason being that the wood rabbet is stronger on the wood doors and the second is the strength of the metal astragal is superior on the metal doors. We also use the rabbet on the wood for a clean aesthetic for when the door is closed. It isn’t as easy to achieve this look with the metal doors hence the use of the astragal.

7–If I order an interior Dutch door will it come with weatherstripping? 

No it will not. Only exterior Dutch doors will come with weatherstripping.

8–How many hinges will come with my Dutch door?

Four hinges will come unless you specify differently. You can specify your hinge quantity and hinge placement. If it is a slab only it will not come with hinges but you can always order hinges from us.

9–What if I am replacing an existing door with a Rustica Dutch door? Can I keep my jamb and just order the Dutch door slab?

Yes. You will need to assume liability and accuracy and positioning of the hinges. We will provide the slab with no hinge preparation. The hinge preparation will be required to be done on-site with either hinges provided by Rustica or hinges currently being used on the old door that is being replaced.

10–How does my Dutch door ship?

Your Dutch door will most likely ship via LTL freight. It will come assembled in a crate built just for your door.

11–How long does it take to install an exterior Dutch door?

If the Dutch door is pre-hung on a jamb it will typically take 10% longer than installing a standard interior hinged door. You will need more time to shim behind the extra hinge. Installing an exterior Dutch door can typically take 1–2 hours from start to finish depending on the complexity of your rough opening.

12–How long does it take to install an interior Dutch door?

If the Dutch door is pre-hung on a jamb it will typically take 30–60 minutes to install.

13–Can I get an extra large Dutch door? Are there size limitations? 

With Rustica, any size is possible! We are a USA, made-from-scratch door manufacturer. We make your door according to your specs.

14–How do my top and bottom Dutch doors latch together? In other words, how do you latch or lock a Dutch door? 

There are several hardware options for your Dutch door.
Option 1–Minimum hardware choice; Add a knob or lever to the bottom dutch door panel as well as a dutch door bolt on the top panel.
Option 2–Add a knob or lever to the bottom dutch door panel as well as a dutch door bolt on the top panel and a deadbolt.
Option 3–Add a knob or lever to the bottom dutch door panel as well as dutch bolt on the top panel and a deadbolt and a dutch door quadrant. You can always add a surface bolt to any of these doors. This would be installed at the top of the door.
FOR DOUBLE DUTCH DOORS EXTERIOR–Use any of the above options. The flush bolt for the top and bottom doors will come standard.          

15–Does the Dutch door come standard with a door shelf?

No. It is an add-on feature. You can add a Dutch door shelf to any Dutch door by selecting "Add Dutch Door Shelf?" in the drop down menu.

16–Can I choose my Dutch door knob or lever door hardware finish? 

Yes. You can choose from many finish options.

17–Are Dutch doors secure? 

Yes they are! The most secure way to use your Dutch door is to have a deadbolt on the top portion of the door and a locking door knob or door lever on the bottom portion. You can also add a surface bolt on the interior of the top door as well as a flush bolt for a double Dutch door.

18–When I order a Dutch door in a jamb (not just a slab) will it come ready for me or my builder to just hang?

Yes it will. You will simply open up the wooden crate and the Dutch door will be assembled and pre-hung on the door jamb ready to be installed.

19–Do you make a double exterior door with only one door functioning as a Dutch door? 

Yes. For this application please select the Dutch door you would like designed and select "Double Door with T-Astragal and Flush bolts". NOTE: in the notes section of the door ordering process you would indicate which door you would like to be a standard door and which you would like to be a Dutch door.

20–How quickly can I get an exterior Dutch door? 

Our standard lead time for Dutch doors is 3–4 weeks. An expedited lead time costs 30% more than the order total and will ship in 1-2 weeks.

21–Can I order a Dutch door that will separate a 6 foot opening between a living room and kitchen and have the Dutch doors made wide enough to cover the 6 foot opening? And/or could I order two Dutch doors at 3 feet each and have them set towards one another like French doors?

Yes to both questions.

22–What is a T-Astragal? How is is used with Dutch doors? 

A T-Astragal is used on a Double Dutch door application as a way to close one door against another door. In other words a door stop for the active door. It adds privacy as well as a way to seal the door.

23–Can I get either rounded or square cornered hinges for my Dutch door? 

Yes. Please specify which you would like. When you select the “Hinge Style” choose the square or rounded cornered hinges.

24–Do you build custom Dutch doors?

Yes. We are a USA, made-from-scratch door manufacturer. We can make your door according to your specs and custom needs. Just ask here using our custom inquiry link:

25–Can I get my Dutch door pre-bored for a door knob?


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