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How to Attach a Mantel to a Wall in 5 Easy Steps

Friday July 12th, 2019

This is TOO EASY

You know that person who makes everything look easy and then doesn't hesitate to rub it in by actually telling you "it's too easy"? Yeah I think we all kind of hate that person but secretly wish we could be checking our to-dos off that easy. However, installing that mantel to the wall might be your chance to feel like the do-all pro. Heres how you do it:

1. Gather your tools

You really wont need much with this install but a few things are critical:
   a. Magnet or Stud Finder
   b. 4' Level
   c. Drill with 1/8" Drill Bit
   d. impact Driver with Phillips Bit

2. Mark your studs

Make sure you are happy with the location that you have selected and determine the height that you would like the top of the mantel to be at when installed. Make light marks with a pencil for easy removal of markings and use the magnet or stud finder to locate the studs. Mark each stud that lies within the width of where the mantel will cover once it is installed. It's helpful to make a small corner mark of where you would like the top edge of the mantel to go. Lastly make one more horizontal mark 3/4" below that mark and another one 1" in from the vertical mark. This offset mark will be for orienting your cleat top edge. A cleat is the mounting bracket that is installed into the wall for which the backside of the mantel will attach.

3. Install the Cleat

If you have purchased a mantel from Rustica at then you will have a cleat and all the mounting hardware for installation. Line up the top corner edge of the cleat with the previously marked horizontal and vertical marks. Make sure to orient the bevel on the cleat facing up with the taller portion of the bevel away from the wall. Now hold the cleat against the wall while marking corresponding stud marks on the cleat. Place the cleat on a solid surface and drill 1/8" holes completely through the cleat making sure to not drill through the back into anything important;) Now replace the cleat back on the wall in the pre-marked spot and place a level on the top of the cleat. With one hand holding the cleat on and insuring that it remains level, take a 2-1/2" wood screw and insert into the center cleat hole and fasten the cleat into the stud. Now fasten the cleat through the remaining holes corresponding with the wall studs. You will need a minimum of two screws attached into studs to secure the mantel properly.

4. Hang the Mantel

Now it's really just that easy. Place the mantel over the cleat with the opposing mantel cleat oriented upward. Press down onto the cleat to insure a proper fit and seat. Use the provided wood screws to fasten the mantel to the cleat from the top, back edge of the mantel.

5. Get Caulky

You may choose to run a bead of caulk around the perimeter of the mantel where it meets the wall to cover any gaps that may be exposed in the wall. Then to finish it all off repeat these words; "this is TOO EASY".

For more fun, you can watch this informative video on installing mantels:


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