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6 Ideas for Furniture with Sliding Barn Doors

Monday June 25th, 2018

Get Ready to Slide into Style

Whether your style is classic, contemporary, or somewhere in the middle — a sliding barn door is a fantastic accent piece for your home. They’re practical, space-saving, stylish – and in high demand.

But why limit such a cool and creative design piece to just an entryway? Sliding barn doors can be used with almost any piece of furniture that has a door or opening — including everything from barn door bathroom cabinets to barn door nightstands. Sliding barn doors allow more space for your favorite things and provide a contemporary style.

If you’re looking to incorporate sliding barn doors into the stylish setting of your own home, here are some rustic chic home decorating design ideas to help spur your imagination.

Barn Door Media and Entertainment Center

Times have changed and in the nearly two decades since we rang in the new millennium, you probably don’t have nearly as big a collection of machines and electronics as you once did. You’ve probably said goodbye to your VHS player, DVD player, CD player, cable box… and the list goes on.

However, even if you have just a fraction of these devices, a sliding barn door media cabinet or barn door TV console is an attractive and functional way to cover any electronic eyesores or embarrassing DVD collections while still keeping them accessible. A sliding barn door console allows you to keep your give your space personality, as well as a functional and stylish kick!

Kitchen Cabinetry

Want to make your kitchen cabinets fabulous and functional? Sliding cabinet barn doors can help bring charm to the heart of your home while also serving as a practical application Translation: they look damn good and serve a purpose.

Whether it’s a sliding barn door for your pantry, a barn door china cabinet that stylishly saves space, or sliding cabinets that make searching for what you want easier than ever, a sliding barn door can give you that useful and beautiful look you want.

Sliding Barn Door Bookcases

Are you a self-proclaimed bookworm? Maybe you just like looking educated and worldly? Or do you fancy an aesthetic that sits somewhere between Bruce Wayne’s hidden Bat Cave or 007’s sophisticated secret agent library hideaway? In any case, a sliding barn door bookcase is a handy way to boost your book collection without taking up added space in your home.

Sliding barn doors can help create a multiple layered effect by putting one shelf of books in front of the other. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about buying or finding space for a whole other shelving unit.

Sliding Door Armoire

Sometimes, you just don’t have all the space you need for your clothes. Okay, maybe not sometimes – A LOT of times. Are you a hanger, a folder or both? Well whatever you are, with a handsome sliding door armoire, you can have the convenience of both in one piece of fashionable and functional furniture. One side drawers. One side hanging space. All amazing. All accessible. Each compartment hidden when you want it to be.

Barn Door Style Medicine Cabinets and Vanity

Standalone sinks have a charming, vintage quality about them. However, that charm can quickly wear off once you realize how much a countertop can help streamline your getting-ready-to-face-the-day routine.

For people with spatially-challenged bathrooms, a mirrored medicine cabinet is a great space saver. With a sliding barn door style medicine cabinet, you can take that classic look and give it a modern makeover. In fact, it’s handy enough that two people can actually get ready in the morning – one person can use the sink while another person can move the barn door bathroom vanity mirror for hair and makeup — maximizing time as well as space!

Futuristic Barn Doors

Barn doors may be a recycled throwback theme from a past time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t equally suitable alongside more contemporary furnishings. Like most classic décor, sliding barn doors are timeless with the ability to adapt to even the most modern motifs.

Sure, most sliding barn doors are made from reclaimed wood, but a sliding metal or ornate glass door can give your home that ergonomic and geometric touch to fulfill your wildest decor dreams. Concise and functional, a sliding barn door can help take your modern minimalist style to a whole other level.

Looking to incorporate some rustic chic into any room in your house? Shop for cool cabinets and stylish shutters to enhance existing decor or incorporate into a DIY project of your own.


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