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Change Your Space–Interior French Doors

Tuesday August 20th, 2019

Technology has been advancing and changing the way we live for years now. Many people are able to work remotely from their home office and do not have to drive into work every day. This is convenient and economical. You don’t even have to put clothes on if you don’t want to; PJ's and coffee all day! 

Working from home does have its challenges and downsides however. Waking up day after day and walking into your boring home office morning after morning can get dreary and mundane. Instead of ripping your hair out or adding a little something extra to your coffee to get through the day you can update your home office with our Interior French doors. They are available in a sliding barn door style that is sure to make a statement. Easy to install, these doors will bring a whole new look and element to your home office and help to brighten your day. Our sliding barn interior French door line is also available in interior French door hinged options. Contact customer service with questions.

Interior French doors come in a variety of options. Let’s explore the 3 most common doors:   

Option 1–Sliding Barn Style Interior French Doors

This popular interior French door style consists of a sliding barn door, barn door hardware, a header board for installing the sliding French door track onto, and a door pull. A beautiful and practical design feature on all of Rustica’s interior French doors is a non welded barn door joint. Rather than welding the barn door hangers to the top of the metal frame of the interior French door, we use our designer rivet process to create a clean and impressionable look. This also makes installation a breeze.

Option 2–Swinging Hinged Interior French Doors

Typically, interior French doors consist of two smaller hinged doors which are made of 2/3 glass and 1/3 wood or a wood composite. Designer style grids are integrated into Rustica’s interior French doors which can be customized as well to the exact size of your door opening. All of our doors are made from solid alder wood and can be purchased in other wood species options as well. 

Option 3–Interior French Doors for Pocket Doors

Rustica’s new offering of interior French doors for pocket doors is revolutionizing the way pocket doors are built. Chateaux designs for French doors, farmhouse, and modern cottage metal doors are perfect for pocket doors as they are custom built to accept traditional pocket door hardware but have a metal and glass grid design which allows light in.

The interior French door in the sliding barn doors style is easy to install and can be a defining feature in your home. In fact, the interior French door as a sliding barn door is ranked as the most easy to install of all barn doors. This is due to the fact that Rustica’s unique rivet system allows for a 5 minute installation of the barn door hardware. The door pull is also preassembled and preinstalled onto the door when it arrives at your home office. All of the products come with a lifetime finish and are customizable. The mixture of glass and metal add a sense of industry with classic overtones. This can fit many design styles and is available in multiple finishes to ensure you get the perfect fit for your home office space. 

For a complete list of our most popular interior French door options click here and scroll down a bit. Be sure to check out our office furniture options as well. We have everything you need to be the envy of the office (your dog will be very jealous).

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