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Top 10 Black Barn Doors to Fit Any Home

Wednesday January 4th, 2023
Nothing quite stands out in a home like a stylish black barn door. We know you may be wondering if a black modern barn door will fit in with a design style that’s not gothic or industrial, but we’re here to tell you it will! Black barn doors look amazing in any home style, whether that’s farmhouse, cottagecore, midcentury, shabby chic, Victorian, traditional, or minimalist.

10 Black Barn Doors

  1. Classic 2-Panel Barn Door
  2. Traditional Glass Barn Door
  3. Chevron Sliding Barn Door
  4. Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door
  5. Modern Glass Barn Door
  6. Metal Cottage Sliding Door
  7. Aries Barn Door
  8. Midcentury Panel Barn Door
  9. Z Outdoor Rated Barn Door
  10.  X Outdoor Rated Barn Door
In your search for the perfect black barn door, you’ll be amazed at the options available. We’ve highlighted our top 10 favorite black barn doors to help you in your search, and define the style you’re really after.
If any of these options pop out as the “one,” don’t hesitate to claim it as your own!

10 Black Barn Doors to Fit Any Home

1. Classic 2 Panel Barn Door

The Classic 2-Panel Barn Door is a great addition to your home if you’re looking for an interior door that is simple in design. It consists of several vertical panels framed by classic barn door edges.

Because it’s simple in design, this barn door easily adapts to any home style. With the matte black finish, this black barn door will look impeccable in any living space. Imagine a farmhouse kitchen with white shelving and creamy dish towels. A black sliding barn door adds a striking character that is both timeless and modern.

The Classic 2-Panel Barn Door would go well in modern, transitional, farmhouse, and cottagecore homes.

2. Traditional Glass Barn Door

If you want to close off certain areas of the home, such as an office, but don’t want to sacrifice natural light, a glass door is the way to go. The Traditional Glass Barn Door with a black finish creates a modern and sophisticated look that complements most home styles.

Designed with three panels of large clear glass, this metal barn door would look great as a single door or double door. The frame is made with high-quality stainless steel that can be finished in black or mirror black. The glass is also customizable, and can be frosted, crested, or tinted. A finish like frosted or crested adds character and privacy, as the finished glass distorts images, but still allows natural light to flow into the space.

The Traditional Glass Barn Door is a beautiful interior barn door that would go well in minimalist, mid century, modern, industrial, and traditional style homes.

3. Chevron Sliding Barn Door

If you want a distinct and stylish barn door for your space, consider the Chevron Sliding Barn Door. It’s designed with a vertical panel in the center and slanted horizontal panels that meet in the center, creating a beautiful chevron pattern. As a wood door with a matte black finish, you’ll achieve a truly elegant and unique look for your home.

A door with so much character certainly needs barn door hardware to match. Try a look that stands out to complement the door, such as a barn door handle in the brushed brass finish. On the other hand, you may want black barn door hardware that blends into the design to put the chevron sliding barn door front and center.

The Chevron Sliding Barn Door in the matte black finish would mix nicely with farmhouse, mid century, and modern rustic style homes.

4. Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door

The Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door is a wooden door that is both rustic and classic in design. With two slanting panels meeting at the center of a horizontal panel, with a backdrop of vertical panels, you have a look that resembles a rustic barn door with a modern touch. In the matte black finish, you’ll have an interior barn door that stands out as a statement piece in your space.

With this black modern barn door in your home, you’ll impress your guests and add to the design of the room. The Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door complements most design styles, including modern midcentury, transitional, rustic farmhouse, and more.

This door (and all Rustica barn doors) is fully customizable, and can be made to fit any door opening, such as a bathroom or kitchen. The add-on barn door hardware is also customizable, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind door that’s truly your own.  

5. Modern Glass Barn Door

If you’re looking for a touch of black and an interior door that will let in natural light and spacious views, then the Modern Glass Barn Door is for you. Because the glass is the prominent feature of this door, the surrounding wood in a matte black finish creates a subtle, picturesque look—the black door frame highlights the glass and draws the gaze to view behind the glass.

As a fully customizable glass door, you can choose the door thickness, height, wood species, door texture, and more. The glass style can be customized to fit your unique privacy needs as well, whether you’re looking for mirror glass or frosted glass. Once you’ve customized the door and the glass itself, you can design your own barn door hardware to complete the look.

Because this sliding barn door style is simple and straightforward, it would fit into any home design, whether that be minimalist or country farmhouse.

6. Metal Cottage Sliding Door

A black metal barn door with cottage style windows not only complements your space with

lots of natural light, but it’s also easy to match the existing decor in your home. This is what makes the Metal Cottage Sliding door a perfect addition to any space.

Designed with six panel windows and a metal frame, this door boasts a simple and elegant look that would fit into any home, no matter the interior design style—from rustic farmhouse to classic traditional to French modern.

Along with the glass and door dimensions, the metal frame and grid are completely customizable. For a black sliding barn door, you would choose either black or mirror black painted steel as your frame finish.

7. Aries Barn Door

This is one of the most unique and distinct doors on, as it features a prominent and beautiful pattern of adjoining lines. In the matte black finish, the pattern will be more subtle. However, beauty is in the fine details, and this subtle, yet bold look may be just what you’re after.

The Aries Barn Door is fully customizable, and can be made using two types of material: MDF or knotty alder. We recommend MDF when going for the painted barn door look, as it creates a more uniform finish.

While black barn door hardware is our most popular, a black barn door may look best when paired with hardware of a different color. The Aries Barn Door would look impeccable with brushed copper hardware, especially when going for a bold, industrial look.

8. Midcentury Panel Barn Door

The Midcentury Panel Barn Door is a truly interesting and unique style door. Designed with narrow vertical panels and a slim window that runs the length of the door, this door is modern, elegant piece. Couple its character with a matte black finish, and you have a custom interior barn door that is truly unique!

This black glass barn door would look wonderful in a study, living room, kitchen, or master bedroom. Its modern, simple style blends well with midcentury modern, transitional, and minimalist interior designs. The glass allows for a subtle amount of natural light, and the glass itself can be customized in a deep freeze or frosted finish if you need additional privacy.

Barn door handles and sliding track hardware can be added to the door. Whether you want a black barn door handle or another finish that pops against the black—if you can design it, Rustica can create it!  

9. Z Outdoor Rated Barn Door

If you want an exterior door that stands out and sets the tone for a unique design style, consider the Z Outdoor Rated Barn Door in a matte black finish. This door features the simple design of a single vertical slant against slim vertical panels, creating a classic and modern look.  

Outdoor rated doors are strong, durable, and made with anti-warping technology. As a black sliding barn door, it would do well in a garage, barn, or patio. While this sliding black barn door is bold in appearance, it works well with nearly any design style, including farmhouse, rustic modern, and classic traditional.  
With our customization options, you can order your sliding barn door to fit any space you have in mind. Customize every detail, including the screws and bolts.

10. X Outdoor Rated Barn Door

If you’re on the lookout for an exterior sliding barn door with a classic X pattern, then look no further than the X Outdoor Rated Barn Door. This classic design is very versatile, and looks as elegant as it is simple in the matte black finish.
Imagine a back patio door leading out to a backyard full of lights and space to entertain. Wow your guests with this beautiful, bold black sliding barn door leading into your home. Add that extra pop when you complement the black door with bold barn door hardware, such as brushed copper.

Choose The Perfect Black Barn Door for Your Home

Nothing quite sets the tone of your home like a beautifully designed black sliding barn door. And given how bold and striking a black barn door is, you’ll want to be sure you choose the perfect barn door hardware to complete the look.

When choosing a barn door with Rustica, we want you to feel confident from the moment you browse our website to the moment you install your dream barn door, which is why we offer the option to add a customizable barn door hardware kit that includes all the necessary installation instructions and hardware—including bolts, screws, hangers, and more.

And, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service reps if you have any questions or concerns about shipping, hardware, or door accessories.
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