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Inspiring a Workplace with Soulful Ideas

Wednesday January 9th, 2019
Back in industrial times, a workday consisted of anything but sitting down. It involved hours of being on your feet and using a little elbow grease to get the job done. Then the introduction of the computer happened, technology started ramping at an exponential rate and sitting became the norm for bottoms all around the working world.

What you may not know is that all that sitting – being idle on the daily – is not really helping you.

Alternate Between Sitting Desks and Standing Desks

It’s true. Research has shown that sitting on your keister for prolonged periods of time can affect your health in a variety of ways, including promoting heart disease, lowering your life expectancy, increasing the risk of dementia, raising the likelihood of diabetes and weight gain, causing chronic back pain, even mental health ailments like anxiety and depression.

However, standing all the time isn’t helpful to you, either. Too much time standing can result in lower limb swelling, development of painful varicose veins and decreased mental state.

Newer studies show that there are benefits to sitting at a traditional desk at work and alternating it with time at a standing desk. Doing so not only increases productivity but is better for your overall health. Plus, it gives you a change of scenery and a change of perspective throughout the workday.

The Benefits of Adopting Standing Desks

While most offices are equipped with traditional sitting desks, you can invigorate your office by incorporating standing desk stations throughout. It’s never too late to take a stand for your health, literally – with a stylish and ergonomic standing desk.

Adjustable and multifunctional, stand up desks are taking the workforce by storm and improving the overall health of employees along the way.

Standing desk benefits are aplenty, but here’s a quick rundown of some of the key takeaways for your overall wellbeing.

Check ‘em out:

Lowered risk of obesity and weight gain – research shows that an afternoon of standing versus sitting can burn nearly 170 calories. Stretch that over a work week and you’re at nearly 1,000 calories, burned simply by standing.

Lower blood sugar levels – standing has shown to decrease blood sugar levels by upwards of 40%, lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Reduced back pain – Patients with long-term chronic back pain reported a 30% plus improvement in lower back pain after using a standing desk.

Lowered risk of heart disease – simply put, prolonged sitting is bad for your heart, so much so that it can increase the risk of heart disease by more than an astonishing 140%.

Improved mood and energy – this one is simple logic. If you sit, you’re going to have less energy than if you were standing.

So get up already! Boost in productivity – again, being on your feet is a sure way to make yourself more alert, hence increasing productivity.

The Benefits of Reducing Workplace Clutter

An added benefit of standing desks is their ability to reduce clutter and promote an area of tidiness. Apparently, when you’re standing and working, you’ve got a lot less time to horde documents, desk toys and other clutter-ific office knick-knacks.

However, there are other ways to reduce clutter while still retaining personality and a feeling of comfort in your office space.

Reducing clutter can: Reduce anxiety, aid in a better, more restful sleep at night, boost creativity and stimulate sharper thinking.

While chucking old papers in the trash can help reduce the amount of paper lingering at your desk, investing in desktop organizers or cube baskets to add color and an organizational element can help to give your desk space a feel of personalization while still maintaining order.

Clearing out old clutter and moving in newer, more streamline furnishings can breathe some fresh air into an office space. You spend eight hours a day at the office. There’s no reason why it needs to be stuffy or stale.

Little changes can add a more thoughtful, soulful approach to the workday and have added benefits to your overall well-being. Discover our new office line and available standing desk for purchase!
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