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Sliding Barn Door Ideas for Your Bathroom

Thursday May 10th, 2018

Number One & Number Two (Reasons)


It’s where you start the day.
It’s where you finish the day.

We go there to freshen up. Refresh. Decompress and take care of business.

The average person pops in and out of the bathroom 6-8 times a day. That means you’ll probably visit the bathroom around 2,500 times a year. Yet bathrooms are often overlooked even though they play a big role in the comfort and atmosphere of the home.

Your bathroom should be an area that is private, peaceful and personalized.

Sliding doors are a great solution for bathrooms. They’re already a popular trend for compact areas as they help keep space open while providing privacy when closed. There are master bathrooms exposed to master bedrooms through a large, doorless entry. Many of these doorless entry areas are arched, which eliminates using a traditional swinging door. However, a sliding door can easily compliment that architectural feature and add to the ambiance.

Okay, let’s identify the “number one” and “number two” bathroom considerations.

Barn Doors Save Space in a Small Bathroom

Number one.

The bathroom is a utilitarian space. Functionality is at the core of this experience. Sliding doors help compartmentalize the space in your bathroom so you and your partner can rotate through your bathroom routine while enjoying a bit of privacy and freedom.

Barn Doors for Bathroom Privacy

Number two.

Privacy. It’s the bathrooms… duty. And it’s about control, trust, respect, comfort and boundaries.

Privacy is really about freedom. Freedom from being observed or disturbed by others. A bathroom barn door can give you both.

Locks for Barn Door Bathrooms

At Rustica we’ve pioneered the first ever, self-latching lock for sliding barn doors. It’s compatible with most of our doors and hardware systems and can be locked and unlocked from either side of the door. It’s easy to install, can be retrofitted to existing doors and requires no drilling into your wall or door jamb.

The bathroom is a lifestyle experience. Sliding doors are especially popular for the flexibility they offer. Ranging from functional privacy in closed – utilitarian mode, to a spacious and bright feeling in open – lifestyle mode.

Sliding doors tie into trends that are modern, contemporary, transitional, minimalist, mid-century, Shabby chic, farmhouse, rustic… and the list could go on. In short, they’re stylistically versatile.

Rustica Hardware has a wide variety of sliding doors to customize your bathroom. Next time you’re “taking care of business”, statistics suggest that you’ll probably be looking at your phone. So check out our different collections. Also, for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer, make sure you look at our DIY Sliding Barn Door Kit.

(Oh, and just a word of caution for when nature’s calling… don’t let your phone be one of the 7 million that are on average dropped into the toilet each year!)



SHORT RECAP – Bathroom Sliding Doors:

Functional – Space saving. Low profile. Create privacy and zones.
Lifestyle – Adds style and character.
Options – Choose from our Collection or DIY with Hardware Kit.




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