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Barn Doors for Closets

Monday July 8th, 2019

Is your closet the forgotten/tucked-away hiding spot that gathers mounds of the un-favorites? Well not anymore! With closet barn doors, you will become proud of this space in your home and they will transform the way you think about your closet as well as your wardrobe. When a space is beautiful AND functional, it tends to get a little more of your attention and therefore, ends up always being organized and clean.

Barn doors for closets is one of those design elements that should be included into architectural plans from the beginning as they are far more functional for a space-saving solution as well as a huge design upgrade from the typical bi-folding or regular space hogging swinging hinged doors. Did you know that closets are most often situated on a wall in a bedroom that is opposite of the headboard. This gives the closet center stage in many cases for the first and last thing that is seen each day. This is a real opportunity to inspire and make the day happier and the dreams dreamier.

When selecting your closet barn doors, consider the following;
  1. Bi-parting Barn Doors for Your Closet
    If your closet has half of its width in wall space off to either side of the closet, then a bi-parting barn door system is the most popular and typical for closet barn doors. With this system you will have two barn doors that are typically the same width and height and will overlap the opening by 2” on either side.

  2. Bypassing Barn Doors for Your Closet
    If you do not have the space off to one side or the other of your closet opening, then a bypassing system is the best solution for you. The bypassing barn door closet system allows you to slide open one door over the top of the other off to one side of the opening or within the opening. With this system you will have two doors that are 3” wider than half the opening width of your closet. The track will be 50% longer than the opening width if you are stacking the two doors off to one side of the opening, or it will be 4” longer than the opening width if you will be stacking the doors within the opening.

  3. Ceiling Mount or Low Clearance for Closets
    Often times closets are found in the awkward end of the house where there may be some duct work trying to hide along the ceiling or where there are particularly low ceilings. We have developed the perfect barn doors for closets with low clearance needs. One of our more popular systems is our zero clear closet barn doors. This barn door is able to cover from floor to ceiling with only 1/2” gap from the floor to the bottom of the door and 1/4” from top of the door to the ceiling. The wheels are attached to the back of the door giving this closet barn door a very clean and minimalistic look. This is a 1-1/2" diameter wheel that is through-bolted into the back of the sliding door and runs along a track on the back side of the barn door.
Get a barn door for your closet and just watch how much more you will love and care for your clothes.

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