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Barn Door Styles for Home Design

Thursday May 10th, 2018

Whether you love hopping on the trend train or you prefer marching to the beat of your own stylish drum, the barn door is a way to embrace flawless style and functionality in your home. Not only is the barn door a functional way to separate rooms and living spaces, but the barn door also provides an opportunity to express personal style and bring artistry into your home. 

Explore these unique barn door styles and then contact us at Rustica Hardware to craft the perfect fit for your home.


Embrace Practicality: Mirrored Barn Doors

We’ve all fallen in love and become completely dependant on the mirrored closet door. These doors make any room look bigger and provide practicality when getting ready for the day. Replace standard, mundane, six-panel closet doors with sliding mirror doors.

mirrored barn door

Keep an Eye Out: Barn Doors with Windows

Not ready to separate your space completely? Let’s install barn doors with windows. Design your new doors with paneled windows or large windows, clear glass or frosted glass. Maintain some semblance of separation without completely cutting off your access to other rooms with windowed doors.

frosted glass barn doorcraftsman barn door with windows 

Maximize Space: Swinging vs Sliding Barn Doors

A huge advantage of sliding barn doors is that they maximize the space in your home. You can stop worrying about tight corners and awkward spaces by replacing swinging doors with a set of sliding doors on an exposed track. The track evenly distributes the weight of the door, enabling you to select a sturdy door that fits the style of your home. 

If you love that grand feeling of swinging open a set of double doors, find a lighter set of doors that will hold up on hinges and still match your family’s unique style.


From Wood to Metals to Chalkboard Surfaces: Unique Barn Door Materials

When you think of a barn door, your first thought is likely of a thick, sturdy door made of distressed or repurposed wood. While wood is traditional (and versatile!), explore other creative materials for your custom barn door. Choose practicality with the chalkboard door, or embrace an edgier attitude with a metal surface door.

chalkboard barn doormetal barn door 

Brace Yourself: Barn Door Bracing Styles

Looking for a standard barn door? Take a look at the different types of door bracings that speak to different styles:

Plank Barn Doors

plank barn door


wood plank barn door

Z Barn Door


z barn door

X Barn Door

x barn door

Double X-Brace

double x barn door

Half Barn Door

half x barn doorIf you’ve found something that sparks inspiration for your home design, contact us today

Browse our sliding barn doors and swinging barn doors or contact us to discuss a custom project. Select the materials, design, and hardware for your barn door and enjoy the unique artistic element it adds to your home.


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