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Barn Door DOs and DON'Ts

Wednesday July 3rd, 2019

There are a few things to think about when considering a barn door for your space.
  1. Opening Size vs. Barn Door Size
    Make sure that you choose your barn door size to be at least 4" wider than your opening width and 1" taller than your opening height. Check out the instructions here.

  2. Header Space
    Make sure you have enough space above your opening for the track and rollers (usually 7" is right for the Garrick Hanger, 9" is right for the Garrick Spoked Hanger, 3" is right for the Low Clearance Hardware)

  3. Guide Options
    Make sure that if you have carpet directly beneath where the barn door will be hung that you do not select a floor mounted guide. Instead, choose a wall mounted standard or u-channel guide. The carpet will interfere with the bottom of the door and the guide will not have enough contact to keep the door on track.

  4. Beware of "Imitation" Barn Doors
    There are a lot of imitation barn doors available online that are not built with stile and rail. Make sure that when you are shopping for a barn door, you check to see how it's made and with which materials. Beware of materials like MDF, fiberglass, pressboard, hollow core and even non-laminated solid wood. An engineered solid wood barn door that is built with stile and rail is the only way to get a barn door that will last for generations to come. If the company that you are considering to purchase a barn door from does not build front entry doors or interior hinged doors, then it is very unlikely that they build a barn door the right way. 

Rustica is dedicated to building the highest heirloom quality barn doors, front entry doors, and interior doors in the United States all from raw materials in Springville, Utah, USA.

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