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Answered by Our Experts- What are the Steps to Powder Coat Metal?

Tuesday May 12th, 2020
We know you have questions and who better to answer them then our expert craftsmen! Our builders and builder have taken some frequently asked questions and answered them in as much detail as possible. Each week we will be having one of our experts answer a question in our series Answered by Our Experts.

All of our hardware and metal doors go through a process called powder coating. Expert Taylor Segeberg shared with us the different steps it takes to powder coat metal at Rustica.
What Are the Steps to Powder Coat Metal? 

When the metal is ready to be powder coated, it must first go through a few cleaning processes. First, the product is sandblasted to remove impurities that could cause improper bonding of the powder coat, as well as provide texture to the metal for the powder coat to bond to. Afterward, it is wiped down with a degreaser to remove any oils that might have gotten on the product due to the fact oil will interfere with the powder. It will then be hung on a cart and blown off to remove any dust that could cause powder contamination and is final-checked to make sure it is ready.

The cart is then electrically charged to allow the powder to stick to the product, the powder is applied evenly to the product, and then it is placed into a 400F degree oven to bake. Bake times vary dependant on which finish has been applied. Upon completion of the bake, the carts are wheeled out of the oven and allowed to cool. Finally, upon cooling, the product is removed from the carts, inspected for quality powder application, and taken to be packaged for orders.

-Taylor Segeberg, Metals Lead at Rustica

We hope you’ve learned something from this week’s Answered by Our Experts. If you have a question you want answered, share it with us! Who knows, maybe yours will be featured on our next Answered by Our Experts blog post.

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