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All About Round Top Doors–Understanding the Arch Top and Radius Top Door

Friday July 12th, 2019

Beyond The Door

I think we can agree that one of the best focal points of all interior and exterior design as well as architectural design is the door. Wow, with so much riding on the backs of the door, how can one stand apart and unique from all the rest? Don't worry; I will tell you how before we are through.

One of the beauties of a door as the established main focal point of every space of an architectural structure, is that it becomes a canvas to create inspiring functional pieces of art.

Since of the beginning of time, doors have been built in many shapes and sizes. Over time, the door manufacturing industry has standardized the door as we know it today. But why? Im glad you asked. The primary reason doors are the size, shape, and styles they are now is for ease and repeatability of manufacturing. This drives a more efficient process and lowers costs for the manufacturer. However, some of the artistry of the door has been lost with this insatiable drive to achieve a cheaper and cheaper product to offer a population wanting to save dollars. Well that is not for everyone. There is a growing demand for some of that old-age, eye-pleasing, and inspiring design that is quite frankly, very hard to do. Rustica is passionate about building these "hard to build" doors. We also LOVE to be resourceful and careful with our resources by reclaiming and recycling our best buddies; the trees (i.e. wood).

There are many names for a rounded top door. The most common names are arched top door, radius door, rounded arched door, cathedral style top door, and vintage radius top door. If this style of door intrigues you and you appreciate and crave the old-soul-like character and inspiration that used to live in the fresh built doors of the past, here are a few things to consider when designing your focal point arched door.

Arched Top Doors

That's right, if you want to build a door that draws the eye, then add an arched top to your door style. An arched top door has an arc spanning from one side of the top of the door to the other side but doesn't necessarily complete a full half of a circle.

Radius Top Door

Oh boy! This takes the arched top to the next level and demands your attention as you enter its space. Radius top door is different than an arched top door in that it does complete a full half radius or full half circle on top of the door.

No Limits on Design

So this might be misunderstood. What we really mean by this is that there are ZERO limits to the design of your Rustica custom door. If you are looking for something that does more than raise the brow to those enjoying the space with, which this door Is its focal point, then just start talking to us about what you love; what inspires you. What really makes you smile? We will design your custom door around that thing! Space exploration? Racing horses? Gardening? These are the types of things that help us design a custom door for you that will make you happy in that space.

Round Top and Arched Top Barn Doors

These possibilities are not limited to hinged swinging doors either! We love building arched top and radius top barn doors and the custom barn door hardware that goes along with it! We have engineered a hardware system that accommodates for a longer hanger on the outsides of the door. This option should not be overlooked for a barn door as this becomes a very unique and stunning focal point using the arched top barn door.

Check out our round top Locust Front Door here and our round top Tuscan Front Door here.

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