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Add Function & Interest with a Mirrored Barn Door

Wednesday January 9th, 2019
Sliding barn doors aren’t just a thing of beauty to admire. And they’re definitely not just for barns. Sliding barn doors can not only liven up any home décor, but they can also save you tons of walking space and furniture space since they don’t swing open. That gives you more room in your layout to place items with intention and build the room of your dreams.

These stunning pieces of decor are actually quite practical for use in several rooms in your home. So it only makes sense to add a mirror to your sliding barn door and raise the stylish and sensible value even more, right?

Absolutely. Correct. 100% accurate. Yes.

Done With Mirrors: Add the Illusion of More Space with a Mirrored Barn Door

A simple yet sleek mirrored closet barn door is perfect for any home interior, especially smaller bedrooms and bathrooms that might not be big enough to accommodate other mirrored setups. But the real win of having a barn door with a mirror can be seen in how beautifully the full-size mirror opens up any space, enlarging the appearance of the room that houses it. It’s a game of illusions and a sliding barn mirror door is like a room magician.

In addition to giving the illusion of more space, it’s also functional for getting ready for work or to leave the house. Having a floor-to-ceiling mirror can not only up the style quotient of your home, but allows you to make sure you look good before heading out the door. It also saves added space of purchasing a standing full-length mirror to take up space in your bedroom, bathroom, or home office.

Get Inspired with Mirrored Barn Doors for Your Home

A solid wood framed sliding barn door with mirror can perfectly fit any office, bathroom, and bedroom by lighting up the room and adding visual weight to the space. Artisan-crafted hardware and natural wood grain create a layering pattern that not only looks stunning but can seamlessly fit with whatever your current home décor scheme may be. This style of mirrored barn door can work with not only work with a modern rustic space but add a decorative element to a more traditional living room or bedroom.

But why stop with just a mirror on one side. A sliding mirrored barn door can serve up added functionality on both sides of the door. This style of door is the perfect complement for an opening between a master bedroom and master bathroom.

If you’re looking for multi-functional door that looks chic, saves space and opens up a room, look no further than a mirrored interior sliding door. It’ll make your guests say, “I love what you’ve done with the place.”

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