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5 Pins to Help You Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Thursday May 10th, 2018

How you arrange the furniture in your living room quickly sets the tone for how people will feel in the room. You’ll have guests and family members using this room, so you’ll want it to be a place where everyone can relax and feel comfortable. Maybe you have a gorgeous fireplace you’d like to use as the focal point of the room, or maybe you’d like to incorporate a couple rustic barn doors into the design. But no matter what furniture or how much space you have to work with, you can find a balanced and calming way to arrange the room. Take a look at these pins for some family room furniture-arranging inspiration.

Narrow Living Room Inspiration

Family room floor plan - four versions

Two Focal Points in Your Living Room

Are you stuck with a decorating dilemma with rearranging your living room furniture? Maybe you have more than one focal point in your family room. Click through to get decor tips and tricks here, including ideas on how to arrange furniture in your living room.


Family room floor plan with fireplace

Check out these no-fail tricks for arranging furniture. You’ll find examples and tricks for arranging living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.


Living room with three windows

Small Living Room Furniture Tips

Maybe your living room is a little bit smaller than ideal. Look here for ideas on how to work with the space you have.


Small living room arrangement example

Arrange your furniture so that sofas talk to chairs. Learn how to make it easy for your seated guests to have conversations while also taking into account balance and symmetry.


Living room arrangements - four variations

Share any of our 5 different ideas for arranging furniture that also take into account entryways, windows, and room luxuries like fireplaces.

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